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Browning x50 Tactical Knife

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Browning x50 Tactical Knife is purely made for Survival, Traveling, and Hunting purposes Buy now at FM Tactical Gears at the lowest price.


  • Blade Size: 3.5 Inches
  • Knife Size: 8 Inches
  • Quality: Steel Made titanium
  • Color: Brown & Silver or Black

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Browning X50 Tactical Pocket knife


The Browning X50 Tactical Knife is a folding hunting knife and it is a prominent and inclusive gadget. The knife is a handy and practical tool with wonderful attributes. Altogether, it’s a beneficial article for hunters, campers, wilderness explorers, cooking, or everyday cutting purposes. 

Specifications of  Browning x50 Tactical Knife:

  • A hunting survival knife is non-serrate and constructed from wonderfully intricated shadow wood to provide a convenient hold on it. moreover, its petite folding structure makes it cartable. The upper divided portion mimics graphite/carbon fiber. Handle size is 120mm / 4.7 inches. 
  • The blade is 85mm / 3.3 inches and constructed with high-quality 5Cr15mov stainless steel with a width of 28mm and thickness of 2.8mm. Furthermore, it has 57-59 HRC hardness and is coated with a gray titanium surface.
  • It has a reliable liner-lock system with locking and unlocking techniques that comprise a rapid opening and closing system. In addition of it full length of the knife is 205mm // 8 inches in its opening position.
  • Its total weight is 135gm
  • Outdoor use is favor due to its excellent practicality. It is a major hit in outdoor activities like hiking and camping, as well as cooking and DIY.
  • This knife has some other beneficial traits; a safety strap dagger, glass-shattering edge and a belt clip for secure grip while on your tours.
  • weight is light, hence convenient, and easily carried.
  • Browning x50 Tactical Knife is perfect for use during times of Self-defense/survival, Hunting, Fishing, Camping, Hiking, and trekking. It’s definitely going to be the best choice for your survival kit.


The buyer must be over 18 years of age when making an order to purchase this item. Buyer accepts all responsibility and liability for use and/or misuse of this item. By purchasing this item, the buyer is agreeing to abide by all laws that apply to his or her area regarding possession and use of bladed/knife items.

Frequently Asked Questions About Browning x50 Tactical Knife

  1. Are Browning knives any good?
    Whether it is a classic, automatic, fixed, or pocket knife, Boker is the first name that comes to everybody’s mind. And Boker x50 is one of them.
  2. What steel do Browning X50 tactical knives use?
    Browning’s X50 tactical knife uses 5Cr15mov stainless steel which is common alloy among kitchen knives.
  3. Is Browning X50 tactical knife a fixed blade knife?
    No, it is a mini versatile folding knife that comes with a secure locking and unlocking mechanism.
  4. What should be the age of the buyer to buy this Browning X50?
    The buyer must be over 18 so that one can buy this tactical gear and military-end product. 


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