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Knuckle With Current

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The inward end of the weapon is usually curved in such a way that it protects the palm, and the outer end covers the four fingers that provide extra force to your punch.

Available in Pakistan at the best affordable prices in each description.


.Knuckle With Current


008 type flashlight knuckles with current can black out any striker in just seconds. knuckle-with-current supplied with a high amplitude illumination. That can be utilize as an emergency light/torch as well. Its strong and noisy release will curdle the blood of the striker.

The base life structure is metal-plate and can be use as knuckle reinforcements in the event of a level battery.

The electrical inventory happens to utilize nickel-cadmium. The battery is fixe in the board and can be accuse of a rope. This is give on the inside side of the box.

Its working includes the unit of the wellbeing switch which is fixe overhead and punching. The red shaded button is situate at the front side of knuckle reinforcements. The security safeguard is depend to sidestep the inadvertent delivery.

Specifications of Knuckle With Current

  • It involves a high potential with a dazzling LED flashlight.
  • The exterior anatomy consists of robust, irresistible, and durable ABS plastic and hydrocarbon. k
  • The electrical supply occurs using a nickel-cadmium battery fixed in the batten. This is charge with a cord that is provided on the interior side of the box.
  • It should be charged for 4-5 hours for best use.
  • The bottom anatomy is metal-plate and can be utilize as brass knuckles in case of a flat battery.
  • Its functioning involves the detachment of the safety switch. Which is fixe overhead. And punching the red-colored button position at the anterior side of brass knuckles. The safety shield is responsible to bypass the unintentional release. 
  • Power capacity is 35 watts
  • Measurements are 109 x 84 x 30 mm
  • The total weight is 170 grams including the package
  • The division of the ensemble is 35mm
  • The total length is 11 cm; the height and thickness are 8 and 3cm respectively.
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