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Military Multi Function Headlight

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Military Multi Function Headlight


Military Multi-Function Headlight is a concise essential tool especially for immediate power-cut or night travellers.

This skillful multi-purpose headlight is an introduction to the accustomed portable, radiant light/torch.

The Multi-Function Headlight is durable and exquisite tool requiring two 18650 batteries to perform its function.

Specifications of Military Multi Function Headlight:

    • Model of headlight is XM-L T6
  • Two types of chargers are include in order to charge the batteries; 
    • From the fundamental battery
    • From the car-igniter
    • The light house contains the charger link and is effectively guard from humidity as well as dust-free
    • The lamp/light can be inclined/ crooked from 0 ° to 90 ° due to its multi-positioned head quality.
    • Its structure is compact, secured and anti-dust. It can resist brief submergence in water
    • It’s a strong K11B CREE T6 solitary as well as storage LED Flashlight/torch with a wide output illumination range of 800 lumens.
    • Gleaming span is 600 meters in base-line or grassland surroundings
  • This multi-purpose headlight uses 4 approaches to function:
  • High-low radiance (switch approach)
  • Blue-ray approach
  • Blinking flash light/strobe light approach (used in emergency)
  • This approach lets you send an emergency signal by pointing the flashlight into the sky up to a radius of 1000 meters
  • It’s durable, sturdy, and handy 
  • Manufactured using adaptable plastic and metal, as well as anodized coating.
  • Alterable head fixing 
  • Dust proof as well as damp-proof
  • Structure includes projections that guard the glass against crash
  • Life expectancy is nearly 100,000 hours
  • It can be used as an illuminating device for fishing, hunting, wilderness exploration and everyday chores.
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