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.Swiss + Tech


Swiss and tech gadgets have established public respect over the years for their exquisite, detailed, and heavy-duty configuration

Swiss tech is consider a master of the manufacturing of contemporary and multi-functional key-holders since 1996. It involves the formation of useful gadgets which can be utilized to manage emergencies.

It’s an ideal device to gift anybody or can be use by campers, explorers, and hikers.

All apparatuses are secure or fixed totally set up. The LED electric lamp makes your work a piece of cake

for you. A smooth press button is easy to operate and Keyrings just as disposable batteries are given.

An in vogue and enduring and little development for simple conveying

Amazingly brilliant white LED light and a different gift pack are additionally included.

It’s great for outside, home, and office use.

They merge original Swiss artistry and American restyling into their products.

Specifications of Swiss + Tech

  • Swiss Tech 7 in 1 Key Ring provides a variety of skillful gadgets on your key ring that are useful whenever you need them. For example; 
  • Screwdriver (Phillips)
  • Light-emitting diode (LED) flashlight
  • A straight pointed knife
  • A hand tool 
  • Screwdriver (Flat) 
  • Can opener
  • Keyholder

Key Ring Multi-Tool 7-in-1 attributes various other features: 

  • It is a perfect gadget to gift anyone or can be utilized by campers, hikers.
  • The LED flashlight makes your work a piece of cake for you.
  • A smooth push for the ON/OFF switches/buttons
  • Keyrings, as well as expendable batteries, are provided
  • A stylish and long-lasting and small construction for easy carrying
  • Extremely radiant white LED light 
  • The product material is high-quality 4650 stainless steel
  • The total weight is 70gm (2.46ounces)
  • Compressed size measurements are 5.2 * 3.9 cm
  • Expansion size measurements are 9.2 * 3.9 cm
  • Two Li-ion batteries or LIBs are include in the product
  • Bubble wrap boxing
  • A separate gift pack is also include.
  • It’s ideal for outdoor, home, and office use.
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