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Wilderness survival is one of the primary skills that any crisis hero must master. However, since we can never assess crises, we have to prepare because it can also happen that you are entirely on your own after the onset of an emergency, without any accompaniment. This is difficult for most people because the exchange and living together give strength to many people. People who are often alone in the wilderness have put together a list of all kinds of things you need when you can’t rely on other workers or helpers. To indulge in outdoor adventures, it is essential to have the best survival kit. With poor-quality equipment, you not only run the risk of running out of better tools, but they won’t be at all resistant to outdoor conditions or bad weather. A poorly sharpened knife or a lamp with poor lighting is not practical. Some people are really careless when it comes to taking care of themselves, but that doesn’t stop them from going on all kinds of adventures. If you are one of these people or if you have a friend who likes to travel, we suggest that you invest in these practical survival pieces of equipment. These survival packs are designed to contain everything you will need in an emergency. In addition, it is also an excellent gift for outdoor enthusiasts. The best choice would be complete survival gear with all the essentials of first aid and rescue. They are resistant and versatile tools. Imagine you could only pack nine pieces of equipment for your next outdoor tour. Which would you take with you? We asked ourselves this question too. The selection of the essential survival equipment was not easy for us.

Here are our Top 8 most important parts of survival equipment

First Aid Kit

One of the essential rules in a survival situation is the absolute avoidance of injuries. A broken bone can quickly become life-threatening in the wild. However, minor injuries to the hands or legs, which cannot always be avoided, can be life- threatening. Due to the high loads in a survival situation, the wounds can heal worse and catch fire. Insect repellent keeps you away from small animals in swamp areas and at night. In addition to these wound care and prevention utensils, your emergency medical equipment should also include any medication you need based on your medical history. Completely assembled first aid kits make sure you have the essential thing with you. In case of flooding, snow or extreme weather conditions, you certainly won’t want to waste time worrying about spoiled food or if the fire starter is still in good condition. Before investing in a first aid kit, be sure to check the expiration date. Supplies such as medical equipment and water medicines also come with an expiration date. Although the shelf life of most survival kits is long, it is always a good idea to check the dates.

Mteach Special Forces Knife

A high-quality survival knife is one of the essential things in any survival kit that is needed in nature or an emergency. Not only can it cut a wide variety of things, but it also enables you to make many other required items in the wild. A good knife also allows you to restore many things that you may not have but need to survive. This is especially the case if you have the blade attached to your belt but have lost everything else that you carried around with you. Make sure your survival knife is of good quality so that you can use it for the more difficult and more critical tasks, but also the smaller handicrafts. Cheaper knives can break if you apply excessive force to them, or their steel can bend under pressure. A good survival knife doesn’t have to be expensive, and some of the most commonly used knives can easily be bought for less than $ 100.

Rechargeable USB Torch

There is no survival kit without a flashlight, so you get a tactical lamp that allows you to focus on a specific point, but also a small keychain lamp for discretion. So you get an LED flashlight with the power and the distance you can adjust. This flashlight will allow you to find your way at night; it is not uncommon to be surprised by night. You will be able to set up your camp. It is an excellent choice to move away from the animals which prowl around you or even to make luminous calls.

Tactical Waist Pouch

The Tactical Waist Pouch has to do with a minimalist, light and hands-free attitude! So, whether you’re planning your next trip spree, taking a hiking/camping trip, or just needing something to relieve shoulder pain, you should look for one for yourself! These small, compact but extremely versatile Pouches are specially designed to meet your essential needs without your being too conscious or concerned about your safety!

Baseball Self Defense

Deterrence always plays a significant role in self-defence and this is where a baseball bat gets its money’s worth. The effect of a racket in your hand is much higher than if you only have one stick in your hand, even though the use of both objects is the same. The self-defence value of a baseball bat is therefore relatively high, particularly as a deterrent. However, the size of the application scenarios is limited. For possible emergencies, the racket can be stored in the car or the apartment or the house. In these application scenarios, it can make sense and can increase your sense of security. However, it is of course not advisable to carry a baseball bat on the subway or in the park on the way home, as this can cause problems! For self-defence, some bats are based on the shape of a baseball bat but have a shorter grip. Of course, you can no longer play baseball with this, but they have other advantages due to the compact size. Such sticks are more comfortable to carry along unobtrusively and can also be used over shorter distances.
Advantages of the baseball bat in self-defence
• High deterrent effect
• Easy to handle
• Low price
• The Weapons Protection Act does not cover baseball bats

Stun Gun and Brass Knuckle Taser 008

Stun Gun and Brass Knuckle Taser 008 made with buckets with a current discharge of 800,000 volts, which can ground any size of the aggressor for both people and animals and is equipped with a high-intensity LED light that can also be used as an emergency Flashlight can be used. The outer shell consists of dust-free and shockproof polymer ABS and the electrodes made of metal alloy, which generate powerful discharge. This instrument is powered by a nickel-cadmium battery that can be inserted into the anaesthetic machine and charged using a cable that is in the packaging. 4-5 hours of charging are sufficient to have the instrument always ready for use. Operation is effortless, remove the safety (ON / OFF) over the handle and press the red button located in the ankles; the safety device allows the anaesthetic device to be used only when it is necessary to avoid accidental discharge. It is one of the excellent tools for personal defence.

Mini Taser Gun 1502

Mini Taser Gun 1502 coloured and small miniature as a keychain with its 100,000- volt discharge can scare or stun any aggressor. E ‘features an elegant aluminium- coloured lining of aircraft in 5 assorted colours: black-gold-silver-blue-pink with a small metal ringtail to hold a carabineer (not supplied) suitable for anyone who wants to have to be safe from hand. Mini Taser Gun is an excellent means of self- defence.

Grylls Ultimate Multi-Tool

Enjoy your outdoor adventures and survive extreme situations with the Grylls Ultimate multipurpose tool. A single, lightweight and compact tool feature 12 weather-resistant stainless steel for versatile component use. The spring jaw makes it easy and convenient to use this Gerber survival kit with just one hand. Ergonomic textured rubber grip helps keep the kit firmly, preventing it from slipping from your hands. Also, the system keeps the components locked in the position of use. Most important of all, this Grylls Ultimate multipurpose tool comes with air to earth rescue instructions and survival guide of Bear Grylls “Survival Priorities.”


So here you are – our top 8 things you need to survive and which in our opinion are a good foundation for survival equipment. It’s all well and good, but do you know what to do with it? Knowledge is as essential as any other survival kit item featured in this post; there is no doubt about it. Whether you’ve studied how to deal with a situation with a logical, situational mindset, or have practically learned survival skills that could help you in the wild, everything is going towards your innate self-preservation. There are several resources you can use to learn your knowledge of survival skills. Many of them are military manuals, survival books, and PDFs written by experienced people. You can also find a wealth of information on YouTube and the Internet. Remember to add items to the kit to make your trip more comfortable, which is especially important if young children are accompanying you on the trip. Take along small toys that could soothe your child if he is afflicted. For adults, take small items such as chewing gum, sunglasses, a travel toothbrush and toothpaste to make your trip more comfortable. In an emergency, you will no longer worry about your beauty, but about the rescue kit. You would probably be too worried to look in the mirror. To survive, you have to toughen up, and that is why you should avoid bringing unnecessary items just for fun, entertainment or out of habit. So bring only what is necessary and what can save. With your survival equipment and your survival skills – packed in the brain, go outside and enjoy the weekend, the vacation or just a little bit of time away and outdoors in the knowledge that you can quickly help yourself and others in an emergency

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