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5.11 Umbrella

Original price was: ₨2200.Current price is: ₨1800.

The windproof design saves you from hassle in windy conditions and the Original Carbon Fiber Frame.

Available in Pakistan at the best affordable prices.

 5.11 Umbrella

Description of 5.11 Umbrella:

5.11 umbrellas are safety equipment and an adornment, which are requisite in every season. It can protect you from hotness, rainfall, dirt and grime. These 5.11 umbrellas have a variety of designs and specifications.

They come up with J form and C form handles. They may be assess conforming to the requirement of the users. You can utilize it as an adornment with your costume, automobile or region. They deliver great safety against bronzing and injurious electromagnetic radiations.

Specifications of 5.11 Umbrella

  • It is constructed from a pliable fabric, as well as a tough frame and twisted borders
  • The unfolding and shutting down mechanism is quite simple and quick with the click of the button/switch implanted in the handle.
  • This can be unfold up to 150cms
  • Its contains 8 dense, compound needles that make it concise as well as storm-resistant.
  • It has a Carbon Fiber Frame and dense nylon material to keep it sturdy. In addition, temperature resistance, as well as a robust aluminum mode is also present.
  • The handle offers a convenient grasp and is constructed.It is using Sponge rubber Ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA)
  • It’s handy and easy to shift. It can accommodate 3 individuals at a time. You can be utilize it for years, because of its strong construction.
  • It supplies a wonderful and be perfect craftsmanship
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