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Automatic Knife Tactical 440C Switch Auto Quick Open Knives

Original price was: ₨2300.Current price is: ₨2000.

Automatic Opening Dagger with push-button. A good quality item which is best for Hunting, Traveling & Self Defense

  • black-patterned handle
  • zinc-aluminum alloy
  • anti-slip properties.

Available in Pakistan at the best affordable prices at FM Tactical Gears

Automatic Knife Tactical 440C


This duplex-action out-the-front knife or OTF knife is extra-ordinary for tactical use; self-defense, hunting, camping, hiking, and traveling as well as for general use. This Automatic Knife Tactical 440C has spring-loaded mechanisms and launch smoothly and rapidly with the downturn of a button. Launching the button towards the forward side, positions the blade forth-coming of the handle, and launching it towards the backside button retracts the blade back. 

Specifications of Automatic Knife Tactical 440C:

  • It attributes a single-bordered shank/blade that is comprised of 440C black-varnished stainless steel. 
  • The 440C is a preference for the manufacturing of knives. The reason behind this is the equilibrium of its solid qualities. Moreover, It is sturdy and broad-spectrum steel for the manufacturing of high-quality knives. similarly, It also facilitates the appropriate functioning without the un-essential grinding and polishing.
  • The metal pocket clip incorporates an adjustable and definitive liner-lock device, a simple and reliable that is unwavering to dust and pollution that stops unpredicted termination the knife has a folding spring-aided opening blade. 
  • The blade is pointed and sharp. Ambidextrous people can use it easily as it contains thumbtacks. 
  • It comprises a black-patterned handle with a zinc-aluminum alloy and anti-slip properties. On the other hand, It has a simple knob that includes a glass-shattering pommel in case of emergency and a pocket clip. 
  • The knife is handy and easy to carry. Moreover, It also has a slender outline that allows it to fit easily in the hand and pocket. 


The buyer must be over 18 years of age when making an order to purchase this product. Buyer accepts all responsibility and liability for use and/or misuse of this item. By purchasing this item, the buyer is agreeing to abide by all laws that apply to his or her area regarding possession and use of bladed/knife items.

Frequently Asked Questions About Automatic Knife Tactical 440C

  1. Why is this knife called automatic?
    It is an automatic knife that can open itself when you push the button. Hence it is widely known as the Automatic knife tactical 440C.

  2. Is it safe to use this knife?
    Yes, of course, it is entirely safe to use an automatic knife tactical 440C, but you must apply some safety tips while using it.

  3. What should be the buyer’s age to buy this automatic tactical knife?
    The buyer must be over 18 to buy this tactical plus military end product.

  4. What is 440C about?
    The 440C is a high-quality, high-carbon martensitic 400 series stainless steel.

  5. Is the automatic knife tactical 440C also called the OTF knife?
    Yes, the automatic tactical 440 is also called the OTF knife. It is an acronym for out-the-front-knife. 


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