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BROWNING DA30 is a wooden steel-handle folding knife. It offers a razor-sharp blade for hunting, camping, and cutting with a one-line lock. 

  • Comes with a stainless steel blade.
  • 22.5cm in total length.
  • 10.5cm blade length.
  • 12.5cm handle length.
  • BROWNING DA30 has a brown textured handle.

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BROWNING DA30 is a fixed-blade knife that is considered outdoor combat and tactical knife. It is requisite for any crisis or BROWNING DA30 situation. This knife can be used for puncturing, slicing and scraping. It also features a lanyard hole so it can be carried around easily.

Browning knives are the perfect staple for any survival kit and tactical knife. They have been in production for almost a century. Browning is recognized as the top manufacturer of tactical knives. The BROWNING DA30 has a folding blade, making it easy to use during any tough situation such as outdoor combat or crisis.

The Browning DA30 is a remarkable and reliable tactical knife that is ideal for outdoor combat and crisis situations in mind. This knife boasts an fexible folding blade, which makes it durable and reliable for any situation you may find yourself in.

A knife is one of the most versatile tools in the kitchen. One can use it to slice, chop, dice, mince and more. Knives come in a variety of styles such as chef’s knives, paring knives and carving knives.

Specifications of BROWNING DA30

  • The Browning Da30 is not your average knife. It’s a tactical knife that you can use in a variety of different ways and can use for hunting, target locking, self-defence and more. This knife has a lightweight steel pad handle with a matte brown finish that provides an aggressive look while still offering durability.

    This knife is perfect for any task from cutting meat to whittling sticks. It’s lightweight and portable so it’s easy to store in your knife or pack for an extended trip.


    The buyer must be over 18 years in age when making an order to purchase this item. Buyer accepts all responsibility and liability for use and/or misuse of this item. By purchasing this item, the buyer is agreeing to abide by all laws that apply to his or her area regarding possession and use of bladed/knife items.

Frequently Asked Questions About BROWNING DA30

  1. What is the blade material of Browning DA30?
    The DA30 uses 440C alloy, which is a proven hunting blade material.
  2. What is the handle made of?
    The handle of the DA30 knife is a steel pad Suanzhi.
  3. What should be the age of the buyer to buy this knife?
    The buyer must be over 18 to buy this tactical plus military end product.
  4. Is Browning knife model DA30 a fixed blade or folding knife?
    This knife feels a bit heavy and is a folding knife.

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