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COB Light

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COB Light

Description :

COB Light is a brilliant and blazing, energy saving and efficient LED.  It can conserve upto 80 percent on electric invoice. It’s a handy and portable electrical discharge. It has superseded the conventional halogen lamp (200 W)

Specifications of Cob Light:

  • It has 3 elective light approaches as well as 
  • By pushing the switch on knob, will power up the rechargeable COB light. High and low frequency flashing
  • It includes SOS lighting approach
  • IP55-certified water-repellent and wireless model secure tha lamp proficiency in stormy weather and rule out the sprinkling from any possible direction.
  • 180 degree accommodating light stand and wireless feature allow you to adjust it in any direction. The stand is manufacture to work as a suspend handle. Apart from the comfort of grasping by hand, it can also be lay down in a horizontal position.  
    • This COB light is electrically-operated by 18650 lithium-ion rechargeable battery, or 3x AAA battery. It can also work as a 4400mAh power unit to charge phone and other gadgets in the time of need. It is utilize during fishing, camping, auto repair shops and outdoor activities.
    • Available in black and tallow construction
  • Light span is upto10 meters
  • Discharging/releasing time is 5 hours with full illumination and 8 hours of reduced illumination.
  • Input and output energy supply is 5V DC, 1A
  • Its body is built of nylon+TPR
  • USB cable for fast charging
  • Approximate measurements are 11.5×7.5×3.5cm/ 4.53×2.95×1.38″
  • Total weight is 463gm.
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