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Swiss Multitool

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Like all Swiss Army Knives, the SwissTool has a lifetime warranty, stainless steel implements, and Swiss-made quality and durability.

Available in Pakistan at the best affordable prices in each description.


 Swiss Army Multitool


Irrespective of the point, Swiss Multitool that you are exploring wilderness or country-side, or just doing some activity near your house, Swiss Multi-tool will help you out in any situation.

This tool is perfect for self-defense, hunting, camping, trekking, and traveling. The Swiss Army blade, first worked by a German organization in 1891, is the notorious model. With its red handle and Victorinox logo, it comes furnished with two or three dozen little apparatuses – blades, picks, even an amplifying glass. The effortlessness of the thought gives a false representation of the excellence of the plan.

It delivers all the necessary functions from basic and primary to tough and difficult tasks

Specifications of Swiss Multitool

  • More or less 15-33 tools are present in different variations of this little kit
  • These gadgets can be utilized for re-arranging, cutting and winding just like any other big sized Swiss Army knives, all with an excellent quality. 

Features include:

  • Phillips screwdrivers: 3mm, 6mm 25mm
  • Bottle opener with screwdriver
  • Forceps and a helicoid
  • Large and small sharpened blades
  • A hand tool, driller and a pricker
  • A compression tool and a filing board
  • Handsaw (wood) and metal saw
  • Multi-purpose clasp and toothpicks
  • 4mm blade/knife and Scissors
  • Roach holder and key-holder
  • All tools and gadgets are constructed using superb stainless steel quality and boxed in red varnished ABS/ cellidor flakes with perfect smoothness and strength
  • A sharpening stone must be use to sharpen the knife
  • Blades should be clean with warm water if you feel them adhering.
  • Knife measurements are; 91mm (3.6”) length and 33.02mm (1.3”) height
  • Total weight is 6.5oz
  • It is dexterous and provides a slender structure and extremely unfaltering
  • Swiss Army Knife provides different varieties of the knife with modified attributes to help you in diverse situations.
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