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Pocket Push Knife is mainly a military end pocket knife. It is a mini, light-weight, concealable knife kept for self defense and tactical combats.

  • Fixed blade pocket push knife.
  • total length: 10.5inches.
  • Stainless steal blade.
  • Provides a triple coated handle grip.

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POCKET PUSH KNIFE is a fixed-blade and futuristic knife. It is an ideal outdoor combat and tactical knife/POCKET PUSH KNIFE that is requisite for any crisis or POCKET PUSH KNIFE situation. The knife features a blade that comes with a serrated edge on one side that can help to cut ropes, small branches, or other materials quickly.

This knife is an excellent choice for someone who is looking for a large, heavy duty blade. The 440 stainless steel blade is perfect for self-defense or protection in the event of an emergency, and it has serrations along the spine which can help to chop through tough materials.

One of the best features of this knife is its lightweight. It’s only 2.44 ounces, which is a fraction of the weight of a traditional pocket knife. The handle is designed to be comfortable for both left-handed and right-handed users.

Traditional pocket knives are heavy and bulky. They usually weigh 3 pounds or more. This knife is much lighter than a traditional pocket knife, weighing in at only 2.44 ounces. The lightweight handle reduces the strain on your arm when you’re out and about, so you can enjoy your adventures longer without feeling weighed down by your gear.

Specifications of POCKET PUSH KNIFE

  • The pocket push knife is a 10.5 inch fixed blade knife that is perfect for any outdoor adventure. The blade is of stainless steel, which you can use to cut through anything from rope to meat. The handle also features three different types of grip to ensure that the handle feels good in your hand, no matter what size it may be. One of these grips uses a triple coating for comfort and
  • One of the biggest misconceptions about the handle is that it’s made out of metal. However, it’s actually made of high-density fiber. The handle also has a removable grip for those who want to cook with their bare hands.

  • The pocket push knife is a fantastic tool for any outdoorsman. This multipurpose tool has a comfortable grip and blade design that you can use for a variety of purposes from cutting, slicing, to opening cans.


The buyer must be over 18 years in age when making an order to purchase this item. Buyer accepts all responsibility and liability for use and/or misuse of this item. By purchasing this item, the buyer is agreeing to abide by all laws that apply to his or her area regarding possession and use of bladed/knife items.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pocket Push Knife

  1. What is a push knife used for?
    Push knives are one of the most used gear for self-defense by both officers and soldiers. It is easy to carry and highly effective when you come across a hand-to-hand fight.
  2. Where can we find a pocket push knife in Pakistan?
    You can easily access a mini push knife at the most competitive rates from FM tactical gears with the quickest shipping service.
  3. What should be the age of the buyer to buy a push knife?
    The buyer must be over 18 years of age to buy this high-combat push knife.

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